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Data for 28 days

Battles 414
Rate of victories 66.67

Last battle: .

The clan members have not participated in battles in vehicles of this Tier for the last 28 days. Last battle: .

Defense period
eSH X 1149
eSH VIII 996
Battles 29
Rate of victories 65.52

Defense Period activated

The Neutrality period declared

The Ceasefire day activated

Defense Period deactivated

Last battle: .


[RS] Red Sky

"In War:Resolution. In Defeat:Defiance. In Victory:Magnanimity. In Peace:Good Will."

The clan has no description yet.

Red Sky

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Global Map

Data for 28 days

Battles for 28 days 10
Victories/Battles ratio for 28 days 100.0
Vehicle Tier: X 1115
Vehicle Tier: VIII 1000
Vehicle Tier: VI 1000
Income for 28 days 11160
Nominal province income for 28 days, including the provinces not connected to the Headquarters: 11160
Yesterday's income: 3240
Nominal province income earned yesterday, including the provinces not connected to the Headquarters: 3240

Elo rating in battles on the Global Map in Tier X vehicles

Province income on the Global Map for the last 28 days

Province income on the Global Map per day

Average Battles
Average Victories/Battles Ratio
12572 Clan Rating
Average experience per battle
Average damage per battle

Clan's position in the Global rating

If you're interested in joining Red Sky go to to register with our clan then fill out an application. You can find us in the "Red Sky Public" channel in game. Please join there to introduce yourself.

Red Sky Code of Conduct
An Officer.
- Fight your vehicle with skill, courage, and tenacity.
- Fight always with the greater aim of victory, not personal gain or glory.
- Retreat only when all means of harming the enemy have been exhausted.
- Follow Tactical Orders to the letter.

2. A Gentleman.
- Always strive to uphold your personal honor and the honor of your division.
- Do not complain needlessly. The greater the odds, the greater the victory.
- Strive to learn from those more skilled than you, and strive to teach those less skilled.
- Be gracious in victory and dignified in defeat.

Character and Competence; our goal is not only to be feared, but to be respected.
Fleet Admiral, Red Sky
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Military Personnel

Clan members
Victories/Battles Ratio
Average battles per day
Average damage per battle
1. RadBlue


2. Bonzoid


3. mr_fancy_pants


1. Len131


2. Victorysmine


3. hutchy52


1. Smoka


2. hutchy52


3. KomisarKrell



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Average number of Random Battles per day for 28 days.

Average damage per battle in Random Battles for 28 days. To be included in rating, a player must fight at least 20 battles.

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Defensive action (Battle for Stronghold)

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Tournament (battle on the Global Map)

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Landing province

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Revolting province

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