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[SG] Sturmgrenadier


First In, last out.

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Fame Points Rating

Rank 60
Fame Points 3,031,235

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Sturmgrenadier started 12 years ago playing WW2online. SG has since grown and evolved to have many portals devoted to many different games, including one for playing WoT's. We pride ourselves on our team work and discipline. That does not mean we cannot have fun and we seek like minded folks who will contribute to our "esprit de corps". We are based out of North America and are looking for new members at this time.

Requirements for joining SG:
Age 18+ with mature attitude
1700 60-day WN8
5+ tier 10 tanks
Available for CW 4 nights/week
Must be a team player

We have a selective membership process and you MUST apply to join SG's World of Tanks portal at before submitting an application in game.

TS info for diplomacy:
password: sghq

Military Personnel (92)

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