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[RUS] Hardware


Peace is boring, lets battle

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Fame Points 1,680,851

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RUS was started in 2011 as the first Russian speaking clan on the NA server. Since then RUS has evolved into a very diverse international clan with members from around the world. You can still enjoy the accent, but all battles are called in English as the large majority of members all speak and understand English vary vary guud

We are a casual clan that likes to battle in Clan Wars. If battles don't find us, we will find battles. Gold is distributed proportionally for participation in CWs. We do hope that you join the clan for the clan wars and a pleasant community.

2600+ wn8 60 day & 55%+ win rate 60 day

Diplomacy: wril or Deputies in his absence.
Recruiters are Braur, jccoveys

Our Recruitment thread
Our CR/D Embassy


Military Personnel (96)

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Welcome to a brand new website that unites all the clans of the game trilogy! Here you can find your brothers-in-arms to fight shoulder to shoulder for victory or share bitter defeats.

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