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[WWPD] 1st WWPD Panzer Division


Keep Calm, Carry On

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What Would Patton Do?

We are a clan that is seeking to and participates in raiding activities in Clan Wars, and is always a friendly group that hangs out together and works together.

A Podcast group by gamers, for gamers, primarily focusing on Flames of War by Battlefront Miniatures. The clan is composed of members and fans of both the WWPD Podcast as well as Darqueling's Let's Play series on YouTube.

Applicants must:
*16+ years of age
*Must use the WWPD Forums and WWPD TeamSpeak Server
*Have about 2500+ games played
*1100+ Win7 overall rating (recent will be taken into account)
*Win rate of 50%+
*Have a minimum of 1 non-premium tier 8 tanks.

Military Personnel (68)

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