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Simp - verb- To block the potential shot of a teammate with your tank.

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Fame Points Rating

Rank 5
Fame Points 10,247,843

Fame points earned after the rating was updated last time: . The fame points will be added upon the next rating update.

There's always money in the banana stand.

To Apply for the clan: SIMP Forums

Guidelines as to what we are looking for from you:
5+ tier 10 tanks with 2500+ average damage
60%+ win ratio
WN8 of 2400+ over your most recent 1000 battles. (You can check this at or
Interest in and availability to play in clan wars multiple nights per week.

If you're interested in doing tournaments or platooning with [SIMP] members, but can't do [SIMP] clan wars, we have a second clan named [SNRK] to scratch that itch.

Military Personnel (100)

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