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[RDTT2] Reddit2


Prepare the Downvotes

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The Best Reddit Stronghold clan with Two T's! Scheduled tier 8 battles are Tues & Sat at 8EST.

- An active account must be included in your application, with participation in the RDTT2 subreddit. (You will be added as you join.)
- An elited Cromwell OR T37 with 100% crew in your garage. Sixth Sense a major bonus.
- Active participation on the reddit TeamSpeak (TS) server.
- 1000 60day WN8, 1100 preferred

Once we receive your application, please message an Executive Officer in game to set up when to speak with them on TS. They will then review requirements with you on TS, and accept your app or point you in a different clan's direction.

Recruits will be considered for promotion to private after having earned 500 overall Industrial Resources. Weekly participation is based on earning 50 IR per week.

***Teamspeak server:

Military Personnel (96)

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