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[TL-DR] The Knights of New


Forever at war with text walls

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This is Reddit's Third Primary CW Clan
Our mission is to prepare tankers for Clan Wars with the chance of moving up to [RDDT] or [NARWL] We are part of the RDDT family of clans. For more information, visit, the largest World of Tanks community outside the official forums.

Minimum 3 CW usable tier 10s
50% minimum global winrate*
60 Day WN8 > 1700
Be active in CW and TS 3+ nights per week
A mature attitude and a chill disposition
Reddit Account - Not including Reddit username will lead to instant rejection of the application

Diplo: Cidious>MMSniper

Join us on Teamspeak at:

Military Personnel (83)

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Welcome to a brand new website that unites all the clans of the game trilogy! Here you can find your brothers-in-arms to fight shoulder to shoulder for victory or share bitter defeats.

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