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Anzus by name but we come from Aus, N.Z, USA, Canada, UK, Lebanon. ALL English speaking Welcome.

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2828 Clan Rating
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Australia began looking for international allies that she could rely on in case of further unrest in the Pacific region and the possibility of invasion from the north. ANZUS stands for the Australia - New Zealand - United States Security Treaty which was signed in September 1951.

Our primary concern when recruiting is the quality of the person over the quality of their gaming. It is imperative that they have the right attitude, can co-operate & work as part of a team as well as play fair and be respectful to other gamers.
You must be 20 years of age or over.
Required to actively platoon with various clan members, as well as clan commanders within your one month probationary period.
You will be reviewed at end of your 30 day period.
You must have in your garage; a tier 6+ tank (non-premium) or a tier 5+ TD or a tier 4+ artillery.
You are required to have a mic for communications. We use Raidcall for voice chat and require it. (Free download)
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1. Noxy


2. SteelPride


3. midknite


1. Arch__Enemy


2. thestingray


3. midknite


1. thestingray


2. DocBloggins


3. Arch__Enemy



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