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[SKILZ] Got Skillz?

Playn with Skillz is better than playn like a Scrub

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Got Skillz?

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Global Map is a game mode where each clan can become a conqueror of the world and earn valuable prizes: from in-game gold to exclusive vehicles.

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We are looking for players that have a basic skill set and want to learn how to become better tankers. Along the way share some laughs, have some fun and of course blow some tanks up!

Our requirements are simple...

2500 min battles
50% Win Rate
Avg Exp per Battle of 500
Over the age of 18
Have Teamspeak 3 and a Microphone (push to talk)
Eagar and Willing to learn and help others learn
Positive attitude, Respectful

If you can meet these requirements (some exceptions will be made on a case by case basis) then send an application to become a recruit. Once you are a recruit you will get the clan tag, but will be on probation during your evaluation period which can vary depending on how well you fit into the clan.

You must be on our teamspeak if you are online. There are channels that you can use if you are looking for some privacy, but you must be online.

Team speak info: ts.2e-gaming.com

Wait in Lobby until someone drags you down ask for Noobskillz
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1. aqlan47



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