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[RDDT7] Reddit VII


It ain't about the money

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RDDT7 is part of the Reddit World of Tanks community focusing on Strongholds, Team Battles, and Tier VIII Clan Wars. With this in mind, applicants must have at least one non-premium tier VIII tank. Members of this clan which show proficiency in battle performance, participation, and teamwork will be promoted. Platooning is strongly encouraged.

TeamSpeak server at is open to the public. Hop in and ask for matticusrex or a RDDT7 officer.

Minimum Requirements.
- Reddit account
- Headset with mic
- Preferred T8 tank from the following:
IS3, T32, AMX 50 100, T69, Pershing, AMX 13 90, RU-251
- 2000 Battles
- 50% Overall Win-rate
- 1000 Overall or 60 day WN8

Applications must include the following:
- Reddit username
- Number/names of applicable tanks

Military Personnel (75)

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