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Data for 28 days

Battles 10
Rate of victories 60.0
Defense period

Clan has fought no clashes during the Defense period.

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The Ceasefire day activated

Defense Period deactivated

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Stronghold level


[RDDT9] Reddit 9

Reddit Green

The clan has no description yet.

Reddit 9

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Data for 28 days

The clan has not participated in battles on the Global Map for the last 28 days.

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eGM: 0 as of the last battle.

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4645 Clan Rating
Average experience per battle
Average damage per battle

Clan's position in the Global rating

Sick of seeing nothing but reds on your team? Wish you could at least have two other greenicums that are competent at the game? Join Rddt9, We're there for all your social tank needs; we don't do CW and we don't have designated days that you have to show up. We're just a family of guys that want to come on and see other green & blue players on their team after a hard day of work.

We run social platoons, skirmishes and sealclub in Tier 6 strongholds twice a week with competent callers, meaning having a tier 6 tank is preferred but in no way essential. We require all our members have at least 7k battles and green/blue on xvm, we also need to be able to listen to you for a full night so a TS interview with a recruiter is required.

Recruitment Requirements:
- 52% WR
- 1300 WN8
-7k Battles
-2k on reroll accounts
- TeamSpeak3 + Mic
- Reddit Account
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Military Personnel

Clan members
Victories/Battles Ratio
Average battles per day
Average damage per battle
1. mittenses


2. kittenses


3. Furderer


1. The_Sin


2. SteelJunki


3. Arkai


1. kittenses


2. RedSoul878


3. Barry_The_Ballin_Bear



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