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[CSA-A] (Confederate States of America) Academy

Deo Vindice "Under God, our Vindicator"

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(Confederate States of America) Academy

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*************** Only Tier I - VIII Academy *************

What is important for membership is a devotion to The Confederate States of America, history and the willingness to be part of it with like-minded tankers. Comradeship, and the willingness to be part of the whole, outweigh whatever tank tier or stats you have. CSA's Communications use TeamSpeak with a Confederate theme chain of command and insignia, the permissions are synchronized with WOT roles as well. CSA Music Streams are Rock and Country for those who prefer music to silence. After Evaluation, Training, and Reaching a Tier VII you will be moved into a CW Elite Battalion.

Member Requirements
- Tier 1 - 8
- Age 18+
- Must be active on TeamSpeak while in game..
- Ability to play battles regularly

If you have a Tier 9 - 10 Go To Web Site to Apply at an Elite Battalion.

CSA (Confederate States of America) Website
CSA-A TeamSpeak
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1. typung12


2. 623dMORGANsMEN_fieldarti


3. southerner01


1. 623dMORGANsMEN_fieldarti


2. typung12


3. southerner01


1. typung12


2. southerner01


3. 623dMORGANsMEN_fieldarti



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