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RDDT0 is a learning clan within the Reddit family of clans. Our main focus is platooning, and general game training. RDDT0 is a place for new recruits and seasoned veterans to play tanks at their own pace in a friendly and open atmosphere. We do not participate in clan wars matches regularly, however there are occasions where we will as a training tool.

Recruitment requirements:

- Subscription to the subreddit is mandatory,
- Teamspeak usage is required, however it is not a requirement that you must be online every time you play.
- Active participation in discussions within the clan subreddit and the in-game chat.
- An active reddit account is required.
- Game activity within 30 days.
- Willingness to platoon with others and to help others learn the game if already experienced.
-Have at least a 48% winrate, 400 battles, and a tier 5 tank.
- Respect others within our clan and any other clan.

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