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Battles: 52

Victories/Battles ratio: 61.5384615385

Battles: 6

Victories/Battles ratio: 50.0

Battles: 0

Victories/Battles ratio: 0.0

Division Battles for 28 days
X 0
VIII 6 (50.0)
VI 52 (61.5384615385)
Defense period

The clan has fought no battles for the Stronghold yet.

Defense Period activated

The Neutrality period declared

The Ceasefire day activated

Defense Period deactivated

Last battle: .


[RDDT0] Reddit Zero

The beatings will continue until morale improves.

The clan has no description yet.

Reddit Zero

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Global Map

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Global Map is a game mode where each clan can become a conqueror of the world and earn valuable prizes: from in-game gold to exclusive vehicles.

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Elo rating in battles on the Global Map in Tier X vehicles

Province income on the Global Map for the last 28 days

Province income on the Global Map per day

Average Battles
Average Victories/Battles Ratio
4820 Clan Rating
Average experience per battle
Average damage per battle

Clan's position in the Global rating

RDDT0 is an entry-level tournament and CW clan focused on getting players prepared to join a higher level RDDT clan. This is mainly a World of Tanks clan, but we also have AW and WoWs players


- 1k WN8/60 days
- 51% winrate/60 days
- Have at least 2 of the following Tier 6 tanks: T37, VK 28.01, 59-16, Cromwell, Cromwell B, Type 64
- Have at least 1 extra Tier 6 tank, that isn't a TD or Arty
- Be connected to the RDDT family ts while playing, especially during prime time
(We are lenient in our requirements)

- Have access to a wide variety of tanks. Tournament requirements vary wildly based on tier, map, and special restrictions every week, so this only benefits you.
- fite Tiresieas irl
- dank memes pls

We recommend that after you apply, you come into teamspeak ( and speak to a RDDT0 Officer about recruitment. We will not respond to applications unless you do this.
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Military Personnel

Clan members
Victories/Battles Ratio
Average battles per day
Average damage per battle
1. Zippotro


2. PinkFloydPanzer


3. EpicDude1305


1. flare_phoenix


2. garganchua


3. Tiresieas


1. JcorrFTW


2. rayling


3. PinkFloydPanzer



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