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[3AG] 3rd Army Group


"Tertia Semper Prima"

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Welcome to the home of 3rd Army Group! We are a sub division of the 3rd Army Living Historians. From real world reenactments to in game tournaments and clan wars, we are a very active group of gamers. We are a drama free group and are looking for tankers who have a good sense of humor, loyalty, and some grit! With that being said here are our requirements to join:

☛ Must have Teamspeak 3 and be on when in game
☛ Must register with us on our forums
☛ Must have at least 3 "preferred" tier 10 tanks
☛ Must be active at least 4 nights a week (7PM - 11PM EST)
☛ Must have a 60 Day WN8 > 1350 and a WR > 50% (Some exceptions can be made)
☛ Must speak English! (We don't understand Klingon....we really don't)
☛ Must be at least 18 years old (Exceptions can be made if you act maturely)
☛ NO "Eeyores" allowed! Winnie-the Pooh would get lonely

Hop into our Teamspeak and talk to an officer to apply!

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