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[ED-G] Every Day Gamerz

Fight to win. Win to live.

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Every Day Gamerz

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Every Day Gamerz. New clan looking for new recruits. 18+ at least tier 4 and above. Looking to have fun kicking a** on the battle feild. There will be tournaments also team training. For try outs contact Me or CHAYTON. looking foward to having you on the team. Apply with us and lets take the world. For battles and tourneys go to tournaments and join the team ED-G. i own .

We are very active also online 24/7. So have any comments or questions feel free to hit us up. Make sure to add us to your friends list. Also website will be up soon. REMEMBER TO ADD ME AS WELL AS CHAYTON.

Also if you ARE NOT 18 years old DO NOT SEND APP. 18++ and do not spam me with 1000000000 msgs. Also Leave a brief description as in why you want to join. thanks

we do not allow drama or team trash talk. keep it lagit or get the boot.
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2. callofbooty777





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