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Clans are ongoing military unions of players within the game trilogy. Only through clan membership can you fight for provinces on the Global Map, defend the clan's Stronghold, and complete special missions. Here you will find the brothers-in-arms who will fight alongside you for the honor of your clan.

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Common Clan Name and Tag

Clan name is the same for the entire trilogy. You will be recognized on any battlefield.

Common Military Personnel

Brothers-in-arms are one and undivided. Your clan members fight side-by-side within the entire game trilogy.

Common Treasury

Clan gold is always available within the entire game trilogy.

Find a Clan

You can use Recruiting Station to easily find the clans matching your gaming preferences best for any game of the trilogy. Create a Personal File for an automated clan search.

Create Personal File

New Clan

Feel like becoming a great Commander? Get your own clan together!

Clan Opportunities

Complete Missions
Clan Missions

Complete special clan missions and get bonuses.

Defend Your Stronghold

A special World of Tanks game mode. Fight for Industrial Resource and get various bonuses for all clan members.

Rank in Clan Ratings
Clan Rating

Expand your clan, try various game modes, upgrade vehicles, and increase your clan ratings.

Battle on the Global Map
Global Map

A special World of Tanks game mode. Capture and hold provinces to bring regular gold income to your clan's Treasury.

Participate in Clan Tournaments
Clan Tournaments

Take part in clan tournaments to see how you measure up to the other clans of the  trilogy.

Clan actions are blocked.

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