1. Create Clan

    Enlist in a clan or create a clan of your own, gather your friends, and join Clan Wars.

  2. Modifying Clan Data

    Make your clan stand out: upload unique clan emblems, add a clan name, motto and color, and manage recruits. Clan data can only be modified by the Commander or Executive Officer.

    Modifying Clan Data

  3. Recruiting Station

    The Recruiting Station helps find suitable clans or worthy recruits. The easiest way to use the Recruiting Station is to provide info about yourself or your clan and run the automated search.

    Recruiting Station

  4. Military Personnel

    Appoint officers, manage clan member positions, and allocate well-deserved gold from the clan Treasury.

    Military Personnel

  5. Clan Wars

    Enjoy all the Clan Wars features — track the latest news about your clan’s battles and provinces on the Global Map, view Strongholds statistics, and see clan Treasury transactions.

    Clan Wars

    • Treasury

      Monitor the gold flow in the clan Treasury

    • Battles

      Receive updates about scheduled battles

    • Provinces

      Check out the provinces owned by the clan

    • Clan Rating

      Claim your place among the best