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Media Recognition

  • World of Warplanes is a fantastic treat for anyone who has ever played a flying game in the past.
  • Warplanes seems to be a fully featured multiplayer title that will please fans of airplane dogfighting. Gameinformer
  • It may be said, World of Warplanes seems to be a hit. Fodbaddun
  • has made another brilliant game that will continue to pull new gamers into the sim genre by being simple enough for the uninitiated to play competitively. Ten Ton Hammer
  • According to what is done, World of Warplanes can become a leader in the free to play segment. GameParty
  • I am often wrong when I try to make predictions, but despite that I am going to go on record by saying that World of Warplanes will eventually be even more successful that World of Tanks, at least with regards to player counts. GamingNexus

Accessible Online Dogfights

Master the basics of flight, hone your skills in combat, and go from rookie to seasoned ace.

Team-Based Gameplay

Strength lies in numbers! Team up with your allies, devise cunning combat strategies and crush the competition.

Free-to-Play Done Right

Download and play for free and fight for air dominance in a game where fame is earned, not bought.