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World of Warplanes

How do I record battles in World of Warplanes?


How to set up the game client to record battles.

To check if your client is set up for recording your battles, please select your "Settings" option and in the "Game" tab check to see if the mark "save Battle replays" is checked. 

If it is not, then you have not been recording any of your battles. To enable it, simply check it. After that, all your battles will be recorded and saved to the "Videos" folder in Your user folder in Windows.

If you have been recording battles, then to access a replay, navigate to C:/Users/Videos/World of Warplanes

Replays are listed in order by Date/Time/Country/Aircraft/Map
For example: 

On Febuary 28 2014 An I-16 (L) Was played on the Habor map.

Please note: When using Windows 8, you will have to drag and drop the replay file onto the Worldofwarplanes.exe file located in: C:/games/World_of_Warplanes.