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Example:why does connection fail

I bought a purchase for the wrong account. Can I have it transferred?

Yes, but only if both accounts are on the NA server and if the virtual goods have not been used or consumed.

Please submit a ticket with the following information:


  1. Log in to the account that has the purchase.
  2. Submit a new ticket to the Billing Support department
  3. Write "Wrong Account Purchase" as the ticket subject.
  4. In the body of the ticket, please include the following:
  • The username and email address of the account that the purchase is on
  • The username and email address of the account that you intended the purchase for and would like us to transfer the virtual goods to.
  • Payment date
  • Payment method type (Credit Card, PayPal, etc..)
  • Transaction number
  • Name of the bundle or the price


Please note we do not transfer virtual goods which have been used or consumed. Gold which has been partially used or Premium vehicles which have been in battle cannot be transferred.

If you made a purchase for an account on a different server, we cannot directly transfer the goods to the other server. However, we can offer a refund under the condition that the goods be unused or unspent.