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How to use Game Center settings

My PC slows down when Game Center installs the game updates

To reduce the PC load during the game updates installation go to Game Center settings > Updates section > enable Reduce computer load during installation > save changes.

I do not want Game Center to upload the patches

To stop the uploading patches while WGC is run or minimized in tray go to Game Center settings > Updates section > enable No uploading > save changes.

I do not want my games updated automatically

In case you want to manage the game updates manually please disable the next option in Game Center settings > Updates section > Automatically update installed games > save changes.

How to schedule game updates

This feature allows user to set time slots for automatic game updates. Default value is Daily 0-24.

You can set up to 10 different time intervals for automatic update. When an update for a game is found and time is not suitable for automatic update, you can update the game by clicking the corresponding button on the game page.

To configure update schedule go to Game Center settings > Updates section > Enable Automatically update installed games > Manage Updates Schedule. Set desired update intervals and save changes.

What are the upcoming updates and now to preconfigure them

The upcoming update will allow users to download patches in advance and store them on their hard drive, patches will be activated on the day of Game’s release and the user can start playing immediately. Not all Games supports Upcoming updates yet. Please note that due to the nature of upcoming update patches process, if enabled, this type of updates will not follow the Game Update Schedule and will be applied once patches become available.

To preconfigure this option go to Game Center settings > Updates section > enable Download updates in advance > limit (or not) the speed for the updates to download > save changes.

WGC Help

WGC Help menu consists of two main sections:

  • Player Support section - contains links to the Player Support portal where it is possible to view reported tickets, read articles about Game Center or report a problem about WGC or games
  • Create a report section - helps to collect Game Center logs and provide an archive to Support team if necessary.


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