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How to purchase - Credit Card and WireCapital

  1. After logging into your account, navigate to the Premium Shop
  2. Select the In-Game Goods you would like to purchase.
    • Details about the Tank, Plane, Gold, or Premium will appear in the item screen. Click on the drop-down arrow to collapse the available payment methods.
  3. Depending on your country, you’ll have different payment methods to choose from (ex: Credit card, direct debit, cash etc.).
  4. Select the Credit Card payment option.
    Alternative name
  5. Enter your credit card information and hit PAY NOW
  6. After your order processes you will be shown a thank you message and receive a confirmation email.
  7. After you have a successful purchase feel free to log into your account and select your Notifications to verify your purchase went through.
Alternative name
  • Please ensure that the credit/debit card has been enabled for international purchases. Contact your financial institution for more information.
  • Wirecapital has a 120 day maximum time for refunds. After the 120 days have elapsed we will not be able to process refunds for purchases made with Wirecapital.

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