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How to Install DirectX9

  1. Download a DirectX9 installation package using one of the links below:
  2. Launch the directx.exe file.
  3. Read the License Agreement. If you agree with the terms of the agreement, click the Yes button.
  4. Click the Browse button in the new window and choose the folder you want to unpack the installation files to. Click OK.
  5. Check if you chose the correct folder path and click OK.
  6. The installation files will then unpack.
  7. After the unpacking is complete, open the folder containing the installation files and launch DXSETUP.exe.
  8. Read the License Agreement. If you agree with the terms, choose "I accept the agreement" and click Next.
  9. Click Next again.
  10. The components will be installed.
  11. After the installation, this window will be shown.
  12. Click Done. DirectX 9 was installed successfully!

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