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In-game Reporting System

How do I report an in-game rule violation?

We understand how important it is for our players to have a fair and clean gaming environment and the need for moderation. The Complaint System enables us to deal with rule violations in an efficient fashion, hopefully eliminating your need to submit a ticket to our support staff.

The In-Game Complaint System is based on a philosophy of self-moderation from the community. By limiting the reports to battles that the player has participated in and restricting the number of available complaints, we have ensured that the system cannot be abused.

If you are unsure of when to send in a complaint, please review our EULA, Terms of Service, and Game Rules, located at the bottom of the EULA.

So, how do you send a complaint? If you encounter any rule violations that fit one of the categories below, please do not hesitate to use the Complaint System to report the player committing the violation.

Insult or provocation:

  • Inappropriate behavior in chat
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Offensive nickname or clan name
  • Inaction/Bot

You can submit a complaint by holding «Ctrl» and right-clicking on the name of the player you wish to report. You can then choose from several available complaint options in a pop-up context menu. Only the pre-set options may be used.  Input fields are not available. The different options are explained in detail below.

If you do not have the time to report a player during a match, you can report the person by right-clicking on his name in the “Battle Results” window.


OK, but what do I accomplish?

Keep in mind, that, although there is no ban hammer coming down from the skies to immediately wipe the player from the battlefield, continued reports will have a large impact.

By sending a complaint via the interface, the player you reported acquires “negative points”, which add up in a short time if they keep breaking the rules and misbehaving on the battlefield. This is a very effective way of marking players who constantly break the rules while giving a chance to those who might just be having a bad day.

What if someone abuses the system?

A player can only report other players that he has been in a battle with, this helps to prevent targeted abuses of players since everyone can only report on players who appear in their matches.  In addition, only a limited number of complaints per day can be sent.  Any ‘unused’ complaints do not carry over and cannot be accumulated.

I do not think this is enough!

We fully understand the frustration of having to put up with players who are ruining the game for you and everyone around them on purpose. Most of us are gamers and we know how a troll, team-killer or just a rude person can make our gaming time miserable.

The Automated Complaint System is, therefore, an effective way of dealing with such issues since it provides consistency, fairness, and effectiveness to the whole process of dealing with players who do not respect our rules.

Additionally, if you encounter any actions which are not covered by the IGC, you may submit a ticket to our support agents in order to report such incidents.

Categories of the Report System

Inappropriate Behavior In Chat

  • This is a complaint relating to the chat: personal insults, racist remarks, and so on. Multiple complaints about the same player will lead to an examination of a player’s chat logs so that action can be taken

Unsportsmanlike conduct

  • Physics abuse (blocking you, pushing you), intentionally committing suicide, and other forms of unfair behavior covered in our terms of service fall into this category

Offensive nickname or clan name

  • You can find a comprehensive list of rules concerning nicknames and Clan names in our game rules. Generally, we do not allow any nicknames or clan names that are in any way offensive to our players. You should check the game rules first if you are not sure whether a name violates the rules


  • If you suspect a player of being a bot (using automated software to play the game), then please use this category to report him.  Players who receive a certain number of these reports will be investigated by our Specialists and sanctioned accordingly. This category also includes AFK (away from keyboard) players in the game, as this impacts all the other players’ gameplay