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How Do I Improve Game Performance (FPS)?

If World of Tanks is not running as well as you'd like, we recommend trying these steps:

  1. Update Your GPU Drivers
  2. Install Razor Game Booster
  3. Set Graphics Settings to Medium or Low
  4. Use Standard Graphics (instructions below)
  5. Disable Visual Themes (instructions below)
  6. Adjust Windows for Best Performance (instructions below)

Using Standard Graphics:

  1. Make sure you've downloaded the Standard Graphics client. You can check which version you are running based on the letters, "SD" or "HD," next to the World of Tanks logo on your game launcher

Disable Visual Themes:

  1. Right click on your World of Tanks shortcut on the desktop, and click "Properties"
  2. Select the "Compatibility" section, and then check the box next to "Disable visual themes"
  3. Click "Apply" to apply the change

Adjust Windows for Best Performance:

  1. A quick way to access your System menu is to press the Windows key + PAUSE BREAK (above PAGE UP/PGUP).

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