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Can I run World of Tanks on a Mac? does not officially support the operation of World of Tanks on Macs. cannot be held liable for any damage incurred to your system. Attempt the following steps at your own discretion.

If you would like to run World of Tanks on a Mac, please consider downloading CodeWeavers Mac Wrapper or Boot Camp.

More information on CodeWeavers Mac Wrapper as well as a download link can be found here: World of Tanks for Mac OS

More information on Boot Camp can be found here: Boot Camp Support

All recent Mac operating systems come with Boot Camp pre-installed.

We strongly recommend you read the "Boot Camp Installation & Setup Guide" before installing the program

Alternatively, you may consider using other emulators (such as Wine Virtual Environment).

We do not offer support for third-party emulators and would ask that you contact the manufacturer of said programs if you encounter troubles with their product.

Please note that we do not guarantee connection security and you should be informed that such programs may expose your Mac to potentially dangerous viruses and spyware.

You may also consider using the community-made client for Mac OS (it is easily found via your browser search), but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that it will work adequately as this is not software produced by

For more information, you can refer to our forums: WoT Mac Wrapper

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