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The Recruitment Program and You

Using the Recruitment Program

  1. Sign into your account and go into the Account Management options
  2. Click on the Invite Friends button
  3. Enter the email address or username of the player you want to invite to World of Tanks. Brand new accounts, or inactive accounts that have not logged a battle for more than 60 days are able to be recruits.

    60 days of inactivity does not guarantee recruit status; there are predesignated eligibility periods or cutoff dates when inactive accounts are included into the recruit system. Unfortunately, we cannot manually add an eligible account into the recruitment pool.

  4. Your friend will receive an invitation sent to the email provided by you, or the email that is registered with Wargaming when inviting a former player back.
  5. If your friend has a preexisting account, jump to 5b
    • 5a Your friend must click the link and accept the invitation. New users will be directed to the registration page.

      New users are able to input invite codes so if you have one you should let your friend use it.

    • 5b Existing players only need to click the link to accept your invitation. Registration is not required.
  6. Log into World of Tanks and start platooning with your recruit(s) to win prizes and additional items.

Both Recruiter and Recruit will have a Handshake icon next to their name for easy identification.

Experience earned is tracked as progress on graphs that are located in your Account Management page. It also tracks the length of time you have for the Experience Multipliers and the highest tiered tank that each of your recruit(s) have acquired.


Q. How many invitations can I send out?

A: You are given 5 invitations. Once they are accepted, they will be returned to you after you have played 10 battles while platooning with your Recruit. Also, if the invitation is not accepted or sits in an email box for 7 days, it will be returned to you.

Q. Can I play with more than a recruit at the same time?

A: Of course. If you are in a platoon with two of your recruits, you will accumulate experience points faster.

Q. Do we have to be in Platoon to experience points are applied to progress towards the prize.

A: Yes. But you can win the reward tank without having to be in Platoon.

Q. How?

A: Invite a brand new player and once they purchase their first Tier X tank, you will be rewarded with the T95E2

Q. Sounds good for the recruiter, but there is something for the Recruits?

A: Accelerated experience gain. For the first 24 hours the Recruit and Recruiter both earn a bonus 3x experience for their tanks. After that 24 hours, it's 2x for 7 days. After that, it is 1.5x for the first 350k experience.

Q. Whoa, whoa, whoa... you said bonus experience. Do you mean to say that I will earn extra experience on top of what I am already earning?

A. Yep. The experience multiplier is IN ADDITION to what you earn in the match regularly. It is taken from Base experience including premium account time. Example: It is a 3x weekend and you just got one of your friends to play WoT with you. You platoon up for the first time and you jump into battle. You and your friend are crushing enemies, and end up in first and second place on your team (according to experience) in a close but decisive 15-13 match. You earn a base experience of 1,000 xp (easy math, yo.) With a premium account that is 1,500 (1.5x multiplier). It was your first victory on that tank so it is boosted to 4,500 xp for the win (1,500 x 3.) As it was a win, with your Recruit/Recruiter and as you have got in the top 10 of the team AND as you have just started platooning up you get an additional 4,500 experience (1500 x 3) which gives you a grand total of 9,000 experience FOR A SINGLE MATCH!!!

Q. What if my Recruit is a returning player?

A. The 24 hour countdown doesn't start until your first time platooned together. At that point, the clock is running, so get in as many battles as you can to take advantage of that sweet multiplier.

Q. So the top ten of a match in a victory, does that apply to experience earned for the Recruiter rewards as well?

A. Yes. You need to be in the top 10 and win for your Recruit's experience to count towards your rewards.

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