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How to Finely Tune Your Graphics

Hello Tank Commanders!

When it comes to World of Tanks, maintaining the abillity to see as much action on the screen is crucial to victory. Most computers are built differently, so lets focus on how to alter your settings on your computer so you get maximum visual fidelity out of World of Tanks on your machine.  

First, let's cover the basics in this video:  _ Graphics Settings - Increase Your FPS_


To access the advanced settings discussed in the video hit the "esc" key while on the garage screen, then click "settings." From the settings menu select Graphics. If you don't see what you're looking for in this screen try clicking "Details," located in the middle of the window, to the left of "Screen."


Remember, if you have any other issues or feel you are unable to adjust something drastoic you changed just clear your preferences fodler:

To perform this, please perform the following:
1. Hold the Windows key and press “R”.
2. In the Run window, type or paste “%APPDATA%\” (without the quotes).
3. Delete the folder named WorldOfTanks.

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