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Pay via World of Tanks prepaid card

World of Tanks Prepaid Cards are a useful alternate payment method which can be used by all. These World of Tanks-branded Prepaid Cards are available in the amount of $25 and can be found at the following in North America:

  • Target

The World of Tanks Roll Out cards come pre-loaded with gold and are not designed to make purchases via the Gift Shop. Upon redemption, you will receive the following amount of gold in-game: $25= 5,342 Gold

How to redeem a World of Tanks prepaid card:

  1. Go to "Redeem Wargaming code" in the World of Tanks Premium Shop.
  2. Enter the code from the back of the prepaid card.
  3. Gold will be applied to your account. (This may take several minutes).

Encountering issues with redemption? Please send in a ticket and provide a screenshot (Full font and back) of your card and receipt.

When redeeming Wargaming Prepaid Card you accept EULA and Terms of Service, jointly referred to as ‘ Services Agreement’

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