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Pay via Boa Compra Gold Payment

Pay via Boa Compra Gold Payment

In order to initiate the payment, proceed by selecting the Boa Compra payment method which willl be redirected to enter fields required for Boa Compra GOLD.

  1. Select your desired package and choose Gold as payment method
  2. Enter the appropriate billing information (CPF field is required for BRAZIL)
  3. Secure pop-up to confirm payment method:
  4. The next screen will redirected to the Boacompra order summary page.
  5. You will then be redirected to the Boacompra order confirmation page.
  6. Proceed to the Go4Gold summary page then enter the login credentials and click on “Continue” button
  7. By pressing continue, the page will process the order and provide you with the Order summary.
  8. At the Order Summary page, upon clicking the following "Finish and return to the website" will redirect to the Premium Shop

When the order is successful, the items will be delivered to the account in question.

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