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What kinds of actions do you take when someone is reported?

If the player is found to be guilty of what is reported, their account will receive sanctions. Players who commit chat offenses receive chat bans, while players who commit game offenses receive game bans.

If it is their very first offense, they will receive a warning. After that, future offenses will result in a “strike” being placed on their account and escalating bans depending on how many offenses they have. After a player has accumulated 5 strikes, their account will be permanently banned.

• Warning

• First Strike – 1 day ban

• Second Strike – 3 day ban

• Third Strike – 7 day ban

• Fourth Strike – 30 day ban

• Fifth Strike – Perma ban

I reported a player. Why do I see him still playing the game?

We give all players an opportunity to change their behavior before giving them a perma ban.

• If the player you reported had no previous offenses, they would only have received a warning.

• If he/she had already received a warning, they may still have only received a short ban, based on how many strikes they had accumulated.

• If the offense was a chat offense, they would be chat banned, in which case you would still see them playing, but they would be unable to chat.

• There are also cases where we examine the evidence and it does not meet the standard for applying a sanction. If that is the case, the player would also still be playing.

Why can’t you tell me what actions were taken based on my report?

Information about our players' accounts are protected by our privacy policy. Information about and actions taken against an account are only discussed with the account owner. While this may be frustrating, please know that we protect the information of your account in the same way. The privacy policy is there to benefit everyone.

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