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What do the different graphics settings mean?

When you launch the game for the first time, the graphical options are set up to suit your graphics card’s capabilities.

You can change the settings at any time, adjusting for higher or lower performance. These settings are connected to your FPS (Frames per second) closely.


  • Anti-aliasing – A filter to reduce the aliasing effect, essentially the rough edges on lines that are not horizontal or vertical. This occurs as your monitor is made up of square pixels and must produce diagonal lines, resulting in these rough edges. The anti-aliasing filter works to smooth out these edges.
  • Edges detect AA - ATI\AMD’s method of antialiasing.
  • Post Processing - Image data processing method (this method changes lighting effects and enables blurring effects to a certain degree).
  • Advanced Post Processing - Advanced method of processing image data. Post-processing techniques are used to change a rendered image for advanced effects like depth-of-field and tone mapping.
  • Vertical Synchronization - Synchronization of frame frequency (FPS) in the game with the vertical refresh rate of the monitor. For example, if your monitor has a refresh rate of 60Hz, the game will set a hard limit of 60 FPS on the game. In some cases this option may reduce artifacts (screen tearing) and reduce picture jerking. Usually the performance is lower when this option is enabled. If the FPS value is lower than the screen refresh rate, you should enable triple buffering to help improve performance.
  • Texture filtering (Bilinear, Trilinear, and Anisotropic):
    • Bilinear Filtering – A texture filtering method that is used to smooth textures when they are displayed larger or smaller than their original size.
    • Trilinear Filtering – A more thorough version of bilinear filtering and as a result, it has a greater impact on FPS.
    • Anisotropic Filtering – The best method of texture filtering, but requires the most processing power.

Good to know

  • Should you have low FPS, try to lower the graphical settings to find the right balance between achieving a playable FPS and image quality.
  • Ground textures load with a big delay - Please turn up the Object LOD setting. 
    • What this setting does is reduce the level of detail (LOD) of an object that is far away. As the camera moves closer to that object, it will change to a higher resolution. The higher the LOD setting is, less pop-in will occur.

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