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What are Reversals and How Do They Work?

Player Support allows players to contact our Support department to have specific in-game action reversed.

We will no longer restore Tech Tree Vehicles bought with Silver or Credits, as these can be purchased back in the tech tree. 

Here are some examples of accidental or otherwise actions that can be reversed:

• Gold to Silver or Credits conversions
• Consumables purchased using Gold
• Garage Slot, Ports or Hangers
• Purchase of Premium Time (must not have any battles played)
• Unused Premium Vehicles

Support cannot roll back, revert or refund any of the following actions:
• Sold Basic Tech Tree Vehicles (these can be repurchased from the tech tree)
• Actions dealing with Crew or Crew XP
• Used Experience or Research
• Converting Vehicle XP to Free XP
• Garage Slots, Hangers or Ports bundled with Vehicle Bundles
• Camouflage, Inscriptions, or Emblems bought with Gold, as these items are permanent 
• Premium Vehicles that have been used in any number of Multiplayer Games

This is a courtesy service from Customer Support. Any or all disputed actions dealing with purchased content on a player's account will be directed back to's Terms of Service and End User License Agreements.

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