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Stun Mechanic

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Stun Duration

If you look up HE shell characteristics, they now include a maximum and minimum stun duration. The actual stun duration consists of two variables, one permanent and one dynamic, and can’t be less than five seconds. The minimum stun duration shows the guaranteed time you’ll spend stunned should you find yourself in the shell burst radius. Plus, you are getting a certain amount of the remaining stun time that depends on the area within the burst radius, the amount of damage you receive from splash, equipment and consumables you mount.

Along with a vehicle’s armor, which partially helps absorb the damage and thus lower the stun duration, the negative impact of arty can be minimized further with Spall Liners and Large First Aid Kits:

  • Spall Liners (all types) reduce the duration by 10%. However, Superheavy Spall Liners prove the most effective against stun as they absorb explosive damage better.
  • Large First Aid Kits reduce the duration by 5%, while both Small and Large lift the stun effect altogether.

If a vehicle gets stunned by several HE shells, the stun time is calculated separately for each shell. The countdown begins after the first shell hits it. And should two stun effects overlap, one is partially or fully negated by the other.

Stun Effect

When your Crew is struck by an HE shell blast, they all suffer from shell shock, reducing a vehicle’s effectiveness. The stun effect, just like its duration, consists of two variables: you are guaranteed to get 75% out of the maximum decrease in parameters (you can see them listed below), plus a certain amount of the remaining 25% (this one depends directly on the damage you receive). If you are stunned with several shells, only one of them affects a vehicle’s parameters: the one with the larger decreasing coefficient.

  • Engine-specific power decreases 30% and the speed—25%.
  • Suspension traverse speed decreases 20%, while the turret traverse—40%.
  • View range deteriorates 25%.
  • Dispersion on the move increases 50%, dispersion upon turning the hull and turning the turret each increases equally.
  • Reload and aim time increase 50% each.
  • Accuracy decreases 25%.

Assisted Stun Damage

The total amount of assisted damage, which is basically all damage dealt to stunned vehicles, gets split between all SPGs whose HE burst covered these vehicles, stunning them while they took damage from someone else. The first SPG to stun enemies receives 70% of this total amount. The remaining 30% is evenly split between all other SPG whose stun duration is counting down while this damage is deal.

If an SPG stuns an enemy that's already been stunned by someone else, this SPG earns a portion of the 30% until the first stun has worn off. As soon as it has, the second receives 70% of the total amount of damage dealt while its stun duration is counting down, etc.

If just one SPG stunned vehicles that were damaged, the player in this SPG gets all the assisted damage.

Finally, the damage arty causes to the tank it also stuns isn’t included into the assisted damage.

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