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What is Black Market?

The Black Market is a special WoT event where players can purchase rare in-game items (including vehicles) using gold, credits, or bonds. Black Market offers appear suddenly. They are available to purchase for a limited time period, and the number of available offers may also be limited.

The Black Market is closed right now. Stay tuned for updates on the official portal to learn whether it will be launched again and, if so, when exactly it will occur.

Black Market General Principles

  • The Black Market is only available in the in-game Store. A special section appears for the duration of the event.
  • Several sales mechanics are available in Black Market. For example, the following mechanics were used during the previous Black Market:
  • When purchasing an item via auction, if your bet failed, the funds were returned to your account in full within four hours.
  • You can purchase items from the Black Market only for your own account. Purchasing an item as a gift for another player is not possible.

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