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How to claim the offer

  1. Go to Prime Gaming - World of Tanks.
  2. See the offers available to claim.
  3. Click [Claim now].
  4. Click [Sign in] or [Try Prime].
    • For [Try Prime], follow the steps to create your Prime account.
  5. Click [Link Game account].
  6. Select your region and language.
  7. Log in your account.
  8. On the confirmation window, click [Continue] to link your account.
  9. Log in to the game to enjoy your loot. If you're in-game now, please relog in.

Alternative account relink

Follow the steps below if you have issues to link your account or if you already have your account linked and the loot is not delivered. Please take note that processing of rewards can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours.

  1. Log in Account Management
  2. Click on the [Amazon] button to unlink your account.
  3. After removing the link, go to and link your account again.
  4. Check if you have received you loots in-game.

More information at the links below:

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