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World of Tanks Steam FAQ

Can I use my old account on Steam?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to use your existing account to log into World of Tanks via Steam. Initially, we never assumed that access to our game could be multi-platform and, to our great regret, we will not be able to provide access to existing accounts via Steam. At the same time, we tried to make the login process for our new players from Steam as simple as possible: logging into WoT will require a minimum number of additional actions from them. Thus, if you log into the game via Steam for the first time, a new account will automatically be created for you and linked to your Steam account. See you on the battlefield!

Will it be possible to log into the Steam client using my ID?

It is not possible to log into the client using a ID. If you want to continue using your account, please download the game from the official portal.

Will I be able to play on the Steam client if my account is linked to Steam?

If the first time you logged into the game wasn't from Steam, you won't be able to use this account. You will have to unlink it. To do this:

  1. Follow the link.
  2. Hover the cursor over the text to the right of the Steam icon and click Unlink.

When World of Warships was released on Steam, I registered a new account in World of Warships, will I need to register a new account again?

If you have not logged into World of Tanks using that account, then you can use it. Otherwise, you can't.

Can I contact Player Support to transfer my account to Steam?

Transferring accounts to another region or platform is currently not possible.

For most games, Wargaming accounts are linked to a specific region or a platform:

  • Regions: RU, EU, NA, ASIA
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network

To play in a different region or platform, you need to create a new account.

The Wargaming games available in Steam, App Store, Google Play, and other stores may allow linking an account to an existing account.

At the same time, game progress, game currency, and game assets can't be transferred in any case.

When registering an account, will the nickname be the same as the Steam account, or will I be able to choose it myself?

When registering your World of Tanks account via Steam, you will be offered to use your Steam account nickname. If the nickname is taken, you can specify it yourself or choose the suggested one.

Do I need to use WGC if I start playing via Steam?

No. You just need to download the client via Steam and use it.

Can I install mods using Steam Workshop?

With the release of World of Tanks on Steam, you won't be able to install mods using Steam Workshop.

Will there be integration with the Steam Inventory?

We have plans but it's too early to talk about it. As soon as we have any news, we'll definitely tell you about it.

I have a list of friends on Steam. Will I be able to see them in the game client? And will I be able to invite them to play?

Unfortunately, there's no such a feature at the moment. But you can always add them to your Contacts in the game yourself.

Will Steam users play with regular players on the main servers?

The servers are common for all players. Everything will depend on the selected region: CIS, EU, NA, ASIA.

Will the accounts of players registered via Steam and the accounts with standard registration differ in a functional or any other way?

In general, there will be no differences. But Steam players will be able to use Steam features such as voice chat, overlay, and so on.

Will there be any differences between the game client on Steam and the standard game client?

The Steam version and the version of the main WoT client will be the same.

Steam and World of Tanks both have voice chats. How will they work?

It will depend on your game client and Steam settings. You will be able to use the voice chat that is most convenient for you.

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