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Pay via Rixty Prepaid Game Card

Wargaming is excited to introduce a new payment option for players; a Rixty prepaid game card allows a user to make payments to their favorite online games fast and easily. Rixty prepaid game cards will be useful for those who prefer to pay with cash, allowing you to refill your game account at 500,000 locations worldwide. In order to make a payment via Rixty prepaid game card please follow these steps:


  1. Visit the Gold/Doubloon page of the game you want to purchase Gold/Doubloons from.
  2. Select your preferred package and then click on “view more”, to make the Rixty button appear, then click on “Rixty”.
  3. The next screen will feature several different types of payment methods you can choose from. First you need to log in to your account. Click on “Log In”

Don’t have a Rixty account yet? Creating one is super easy and it only takes a few seconds.

First click on “Sign Up” and then on “Create Account”:

Fill in the form with your information and then click on “Sign Up”:

Your account is almost ready! Now you need to check your e-mail and follow the instructions to verify your account.

Once your account is verified, you are good to go!

After logging in to your Rixty account and click on “Complete Purchase”

Adding funds to your Rixty account
You can pay for your purchases by adding funds to your account. There are three payment methods available:

If you already have a Prepaid card

  1. Select “Any Rixty Code” to redeem it.
  2. Then, click on Redeem Code…
  3. You can then enter your code and redeem it.
  4. That’s it! The amount goes straight to your account balance.

You can refill your Rixty prepaid game card by utilizing any of the payment systems below:

  • Coinstar Cash & Coins
  • Rixty Prepaid Card
  • Green Dot MoneyPak
  • Ukash Voucher
  • Western Union
  • WU Pay
  • OneCard Account
  • ATM / Debit Card
  • International Bank Transfer

Learn more about the payment systems available for refilling a Rixty prepaid game card here.
Use of a Rixty prepaid game card is very convenient due to a few significant features:

  • No credit card required
  • No personal information required
  • Safe and secure
  • 500,000 worldwide locations

You can also refill your card using cash at a 7-Eleven Store.
1) First, click the “Pay at 7-Eleven” icon

2) Log in to your Rixty account…

3) Click the “Print Now” icon and take the document to a 7-Eleven Store near you. The amount you pay will instantly go into your Rixty account.

That’s it! Once your payment is confirmed, your balance will be updated.

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