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Last Waffentrager Event F.A.Q.

Dear Commanders,

We are aware that some users might be getting questions about the Last Waffenträger event and it's rewards.

1. How many Engineer's Starters do I need to get the Astron Rex?

   R: If you want to get the ASTRON Rex immediately, you can use 60 Engineer's Starters on the ASTRON Rex Gate. The Engineers gate allows you to get one of the Premium Vehicles listed in the Gate description and a guaranteed vehicle (any of the list) on the 50th Engineer Starter used, if you didn't receive any in the previous 49 Activators.

2. The gates keeps resetting, why is that?

   R: The amount of gates will reset every time you get any of the Premiums from the List.

3. I already have all the Premiums and received the ASTRON, is it worth playing for more Engineers Starters?

   R: If you have all the vehicles, you still can receive one of the listed Premium Vehicles gold compensation in case you get any of them.

4. I have Premium Vehicles to Restore, are those also counted as in my account?

   R: No. Any vehicles that are not in your garage will not be counted. If you don't have, say the T77 in your garage, you can still receive the vehicle with one of the Engineers Starters.

Great luck in the event, hunt that E 110 down! (Or use it to hunt others!)