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Issues with Art of Strategy

This is the current list of known bugs in the Art of Strategy event. If you encounter other bugs than the ones listed below, do send a ticket to us.

  • Damage taken from defenses is displayed as damage taken from ramming.
  • Players may be unable to assume control of vehicles during Art of Strategy battles if the Q button is assigned to any controls in the game settings.
  • If the prebattle countdown ends while the Strategist is in the midst of deploying defense structures, the cursor will display the defense's icon and text during the battle.
  • The HP bar of destroyed defense structures briefly changes to red when it is seen for the first time on the screen.
  • Trying to move a vehicle to the top of a building in the Ghost Town map will display a path through the building, even though it is unreachable.
  • When deploying defense structures during the prebattle countdown, the firing ranges of AT Guns and MRLs are not displayed for some positions on the Mines and Airfield maps.
  • The Esc button does not work properly in the following event UIs – the event mode selector, Strategist's vehicle carousel, and daily mission widget.
  • A rare issue where attack commands do not work.
  • A rare issue where the training mode cannot be completed as the AI-controlled vehicle is unable to destroy the Watchtower. Please restart the training in this case.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.