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Vehicles: Research

Basic Information

  • To research a new tank, all the modules and combat vehicles before it in the Tech Tree must be researched.
  • To view the full fleet of vehicles available in the game, refer to the Tech Tree (button in the lower right corner of the Garage) or to the "Tankopedia" section of the WoT Blitz website.
  • You get each new tank, including the starting Tier I one, in its most basic configuration. You can upgrade your vehicle by changing the key modules: the gun, the turret, the suspension, and the engine. To research more advanced modules, you will need to earn experience in battles.
  • If you do not have enough tank Experience, you can use Free Experience.

How to Research Vehicles

  1. Select the tank in your Garage, from which you'll move further down the development branch. Tap the Upgrades button (with a tank icon).

    The Tech Tree (button in the bottom right corner of the garage) has the information on the vehicle research sequences for different nations, as well as the vehicles you have already researched.


  2. The vehicle research window will open. You will see the next Tier tanks available for research, and the modules you need to unlock in order to do so. Select the module that leads to the vehicle you want, and tap Research.


  3. Check the cost of research and confirm by tapping Research again. The new module will be automatically mounted.


  4. If you have unlocked all necessary modules, the vehicle will become available to research. Select the tank you need and tap Display Modules.
  5. The tank's specs and cost of research will appear. To research the selected vehicle, tap Research.

    If you decide to research another tank, select the previous vehicle in the Tech Tree and tap Display modules.


  6. Check the data and confirm by tapping Research.

  7. After you have researched the tank, it will be available to purchase in exchange for credits.

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