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My Assets Are Gone

If, once logged in, you see no credits, vehicles, and other game progress, just reconnect to the server by selecting the correct authorization method:

  • If you usually played with Wargaming ID, log in using the password.

  • If your Game Center/Google Play account was linked to Wargaming ID or if you previously played through Game Center/Google Play without using Wargaming ID, then log in through the corresponding service.


    After logging in using your account, you will see a familiar Garage with your vehicles and will be able to continue playing.

To avoid this happening in future, we recommend that you link the account to your Facebook, Game Center or Google Play Account. This can be done in Menu > Profile.

Pay attention to the region that you choose before logging in.

Also pay attention: if you've played World of Tanks Blitz before, do not click the arrow in the upper left corner of the authorization method selection screen—otherwise you'll be taken to the new account creation screen and may be confused by having no vehicles in the Garage. If this still happened, repeat the steps described above.


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