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How to report a violation

Via the Military Honor system

  1. In the post-battle result screen, go to the Team tab.
  2. Click the icon with a raised finger against the name of the player you want to report.
  3. Select 'Provocative Communication'.
  4. To confirm your rating, click outside the pop-up window.

If there are too many complaints about this player, they'll be warned. If the complaints keep coming after the player has been warned, they'll be banned in the chat for 3 days. Read more about Military Honor and its functionality.

By submitting a ticket

You can also contact support by clicking the button below. Your ticket MUST include the following:

  • Violator's nickname. Important: the nickname may include only Latin characters, numbers, and underscores.
  • Screenshot of the violation. Don't edit it before you send it.

Battle Results screenshot. Don't edit it before you send it.

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