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Signing in to World of Tanks Blitz on Steam

  1. Download the game on Steam and tap Play Game.
  2. You will be redirected to an authorization screen, where you have two options:

If you played WoT Blitz before and the account is not linked to Steam, choose "Login using password" (using ID).

To sign in using password ( ID):

  1. Select "Login using password" from Steam’s menu.
  2. Enter the email to which the account is linked, then enter the password, and tap Connect.

    If you played before and the old account is not linked to ID or Steam, link it to ID.

Sign in with a Steam account:

  1. Tap the Steam icon:
  2. You will be redirected to your account if it is linked to a Steam account.

    If the account is not linked to Steam, or if you are signing in for the first time, the system will alert you and invite you to register an account.

Linking and Unlinking Your Account to Steam

  1. Enter the game via Steam, using ID.
  2. While in the Garage, open the menu and select Account:
  3. Switch the toggle for Steam to ON.
  4. To unlink the account, switch this toggle back to OFF.

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