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Vehicles: Equipment

How to Mount Equipment

Equipment is available in pairs in nine slots. These slots are grouped by type of improvement (the way they affect the tank): combat power, vitality, and specialization. Each type of improvement has three possible slots.


A newly purchased tank has all equipment slots locked. To mount an upgrade, the corresponding slot must be unlocked.

Unlocking equipment slots takes credits. Once paid for, they unlock instantly, and the cost to unlock them depends on the slot level and the vehicle Tier:

Tank Tier Level I slot Level II slot Level III slot
I 2,000 2,200 2,500
II 5,000 8,000 9,000
III 20,000 25,000 30,000
IV 40,000 50,000 60,000
V 80,000 90,000 100,000
VI 100,000 120,000 140,000
VII 150,000 170,000 190,000
VIII 200,000 225,000 250,000
IX 250,000 275,000 300,000
X 300,000 350,000 400,000

To unlock the equipment slot, you need to select it in the equipment window and tap Unlock (in the bottom right corner of the equipment window).

Equipment and Bonuses

Here are the bonuses that various equipment offers.

There are two types of equipment for every slot. You can choose only one.

Why is this? First, when you need to choose from two equally tempting options, you'll start carefully studying the characteristics and features of each particular tank. And secondly, this approach will prevent making your vehicle "imba": modules offering similar bonuses are usually located in the same slot, and you can’t mount them all at the same time.

Combat Power

This type of equipment affects the gun characteristics in various ways.

Level I Slot

This is the only slot with contents that can vary for different vehicles: in some cases you'll have Ventilation, in others—Rammer.

  1. Option 1: Improved Ventilation

    Ventilation is available only for "drummers" and vehicles with machine guns. For other vehicles, this slot offers the Rammer.

    +5% to all crew skills

  2. Option 2: Gun Rammer

    The Rammer is available for vehicles with conventional guns and also for open cabins. For other vehicles, this slot offers Ventilation.

    -7% to reload time

  3. Calibrated Shells

This equipment increases armor penetration:

  • +5% for AP shells
  • +5% for ARCR shells
  • +10% for HEAT shells
  • +10% for HE shells

Level II Slot

  1. Enhanced Gun Laying Drive
    +10% to aiming speed
  2. Supercharge
    +30% to shell velocity
    -50% to armor penetration decrease with distance

Level III Slot

  1. Vertical Stabilizer
    +15% to accuracy when moving and during turret traversestrong>
  2. Refined Gun
    -10% to dispersion at 100 meters


The tank with this equipment will receive fewer critical hits, survive longer, and repair faster

Level I Slot

  1. Protected Modules
    +10% to engine, transmission, and ammo rack protection
    +10% to suspension and fuel tank durability
  2. Reinforced Fighting Compartment
    +10% of crew protection -10% to damage from ramming

Level II Slot

  1. Enhanced Armor
    +4% to hull and turret armor
  2. Improved Assembly
    +6% to vehicle durability

Level III Slot

  1. Enhanced Tracks
    Enhanced Tracks automatically repair tracks to fully restore track HP (without using the Repair Kit). This upgrade does not speed up suspension repair.
    Unless the module is mounted, the hit and repaired track is highlighted in yellow. It will be operational, but with lower durability, and can be destroyed more easily.
  2. Toolbox
    +30% to repair speed


Here you have to choose between viewing range and concealment, or speed and maneuverability, as well as between different bonuses to consumables' effects.

Level I Slot

  1. Improved Optics
    Bonus to viewing range (but not more than 500 metres):
    +5% for tank destroyers
    +7% for heavy tanks
    +10% for medium and light tanks
  2. 2. Camouflage Net
    -3–7% to the visibility of moving vehicles
    -6–14% to the visibility of the vehicles stationary for more than three seconds

    Bonus to concealment depends on the vehicle class.

Level II Slot

  1. Improved Control
    +10% to the top traverse speed of the vehicle
  2. Engine Accelerator
    Bonus to acceleration:
    +5% for medium and light tanks,
    +7% for heavy tanks and tank destroyers

Level III Slot

  1. Consumable Delivery System
    +15% to consumables cooldown speed
  2. High-End Consumables
    +30% to consumables duration (Engine Power Boost, Adrenaline)


A tank competently "stacked" with equipment across all nine slots significantly improves its performance. Cumulatively, these characteristics add up to being much better than those of the same tank with the "old" equipment.

Remember: there is a wealth of combinations of new equipment (512 options!), and once you unlock the slot, you can switch equipment whenever you feel like it.

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