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I've lost all my progress! What do I do?

In the event that you've lost all your hard-earned progress, please feel free to attempt the following before sending in a ticket:

Step 1: Determining what type of account you created before starting the game.

Wargaming Accounts

A Wargaming Account can be created both in-game and the login screen as well as through our portal.

  • To create an account through the game, navigate to this section of the login screen by tapping the option to login using a password. From there please select the option to Create a ID and follow the steps to create a Wargaming account.

Game Center Accounts

A Game Center account is exclusive to iOS devices. These accounts are created through an iOS device which you can find more informaiton on through Apple's Support Portal. Please note that you must be logged into the correct Game Center account that your World of Tanks Blitz account is associated with before starting the game up.


You can also upgrade your Game Center account to a Wargaming account! You can find out how in a separate article we've published here.


Google Play Accounts

Google Play accounts are exclusive to Android devices. These accounts can be created by opening a Google account. If you already have a Google account but have never played World of Tanks Blitz previously, you should be able to use this account as a Google Play account to log into the game.

Initially, players must ensure that the Google account they would like to use to play World of Tanks Blitz is added as a Google account on the Android device they are using before starting the game up. More information on how to add an account to your device can be found through the Google support portal.


You can also link your Google Play account to a Wargaming account. More information on this ina separate article we've published here.


Demo Accounts

Demo accounts allow a player who does not have a Wargaming, Game Center, or Google account to play the game without entering any information. Simply tap the screen as indicated at the main log in screen below to sign into a demo account.


Step 2: Selecting the appropriate way to log into the account.

After identifying what type of account you have, please head over to another support article we've published that details all the ways a Wargaming, Game Center, Google Play and Demo account can log in here.


If you have never upgraded either a Game Center, Google Play or Demo account to a Wargaming account you are not required to log in using an email address and password. Please do not use the option to log in using a password if your account has not been upgraded.


I know what type of account I've got but I still can't find my account. What next?

If you still require any assistance finding your account, please feel free to send our support team a ticket and provide the following information:

  • How did you most recently log in to World of Tanks Blitz? Did you use a Game Center account, Google account, Wargaming account, Facebook account or Demo account?
  • If you connected using a Game Center account, did you ever tie an email to it using the "Profile" tab in game? If so, what was the email? If you've had a WG.NET ID, please provide us with the email you used to register.
  • If you connected using a Google account, did you ever link your Google Account to a Wargaming ID? More information on this process can be found linked here.
  • If possible, please provide us with the nickname of the account you used to have.

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