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What are Exceptions and How Do They Work?

We understand that sometimes you may regret a decision or make a mistake when you're playing World of Tanks Blitz. While we can't reverse incidents in battle, we can certainly assist you with actions made in your Garage. We have introduced a new policy in order to better assist players with mistakes made throughout the year.

Players now have the ability to use any amount of Exceptions per year in order to potentially roll back an unfortunate decision or a mistake made in the Garage.

Simply contact our Customer Support department to potentially have an in-game action reversed, or a previously sold vehicle restored.

Here are some examples of what we can offer to roll back. Please, note, that every single case is considered individually, so the list, provided below doesn’t mean that every request will be granted:

  • Accidental Gold to Credit conversions
  • Tank Restorations (we can restore one premium, event or gift vehicle per year)
  • Accidental Purchases of Premium time (Must not have any battles played)
  • Purchasing a wrong number of shells/consumables for Gold
  • The player made a mistake when changing or registering their nickname

Please note that items used with Gold or real currencies cannot be used in any way.

We cannot roll back any of the following actions:

  • Reversing accidental garage slot purchases
  • Accidental Ammunition purchases using Gold
  • Actions dealing with Crew or Crew XP
  • Experience or Research
  • Purchases made from the In-App store (these are handled by iTunes and Google)
  • Camouflage purchased with credits

Using an Exception to Restore Vehicles

We are able to restore your premium tank to your account but remember players can restore only one premium, event or gift vehicle per year the player previously owned as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • There must be records demonstrating ownership of the vehicle and have at least one battle played.
  • You must have a free garage slot for the vehicle to be restored.
  • You must allow us to remove the credits received when selling the vehicle.
If you have already restored one premium, event or gift vehicle, you can restore another one only in a year since the previous restoration date.

Please know that the number of actions reversed per exception is entirely decided by Wargaming NA Support.

Using an Exception to Restore Gold Accidentally Used for Free XP Conversion

One special exception that we permit is the ability to reverse the procedure by withdrawing Free XP and charging the Gold, which was spent for that operation. Please, note, that the Battle XP cannot be reversed to the tanks, from which it had been taken and the request to use an exception for this transaction must be made within 24 hours of the time the Gold was used.

For Account Compromised Cases

  • Any tanks that were modified with Equipment while the account was compromised can be reversed - Only up to 7 days from the time the account was compromised
  • The player will receive a full refund of currency used (Gold, Credits, Spare Parts)
  • After the account has been restored to the player, if a similar case happens again, we will not be able to offer the same service

Can I get a refund for my purchase from the In-Game Premium Shop?

Unfortunately, Wargaming does not handle the refund process in World of Tanks Blitz. Any purchase made in World of Tanks Blitz is through Apple/iTunes and Google Play. If you would like a refund of your purchase for any reason, please feel free to contact their Customer Support, or log in to your Apple account through iTunes in order to request a refund.

Wargaming does not determine the success of your refund, as that is up to Apple and Google's discretion.

We recommend that you choose wisely when deciding if you want to use an Exception or not, because once an action is reversed, it cannot be undone. Nor will any further Exceptions, other than what was provided, become available until the start of the new year.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, please submit a ticket here!

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