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How do I increase Performance of the game ?

To know your PC's performance please take a look at the FPS counter in the upper left corner of the screen. If it is less than 20 fps – it is slow, 20-30 – medium, higher than 30 – pretty good.

There is still no optimization of the game on rendering speed – computers with low to medium specifications could have troubles with comfortable performance, especially when a large number of players are on the map.


You could also set Windows to adjust for best performance. Your Windows will not look as pretty, but it will run things a little faster.

-To do this-go to your Windows control panel, and click on System.

-Then click on advanced system settings, and then under Performance click on settings.In the performance options window choose Adjust for best performance, then click apply then ok.

  • Change graphic settings to “medium” or “low” – it will significantly increase FPS rate and make the game run more smoothly.
  • Turn off “antialiasing” in the graphic card and game settings.

-Turn off Vertical Synchronization, triple Buffering and Advanced Post Processing.

On a side note we have found an update for WOT Tweaker in our forums and you may consider giving this a shot.

Please make sure that you have a couple pieces of essential software, and it is up to date.


One more thing that you could also try is running a program called "Razer Game Booster" that can improve your computer's performance. When Gaming Mode is enabled, some processes stop and system RAM is being cleaned and de-fragmented.

Please note: Before the installation of new drivers you need will to uninstall the previous drivers (Start Menu - Control Panel - Add and remove programs) and restart your computer. Please watch for updates of drivers for your video card.

Install .NET Framework and/or its updates in the following order.
- .NET Framework 3.0:
- .NET Framework 3.5:
- .NET Framework 4.0:
Install this version of Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package:
Install Visual C++ 2010 if you're running Windows Vista or Windows 7:

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