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Pay Via Boleto Bancario Online Payments

The World of Tanks team is excited to re-introduce payment option for Brazilian players; Boleto Bancario is one of the most popular online/offline payment methods in Brazil that allows you to pay for your packages in the Premium Shop. In order to make a payment via Boleto Bancario please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Get Gold page.
  2. Select your preferred package and then click on the “Boleto Bancario” button.
  3. The next screen will ask for your full name.
  4. The next screen that will appear is a Security check (Case sensitive).
  5. After you input your Security Check ID, you will receive a series of different payment options and your boleto at the very bottom:

A) Online payment using your branch number and account number.

B) Gives you the option to choose other bank options in the drop down field.

Keep in mind that each bank has a unique payment method

C) Gives you the option to pay over the phone or if you have any doubts or further questions please use the phone numbers provided below.

Numbers are subject to change please use numbers provided on the website

Printing the boleto is optional depending on payment method used

You are now finished! Your balance will be updated upon approval.

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